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Friday, May 23, 2008

TV RF Amplifier 5W With BLW98

This application circuit is a TV RF amplifier for driving small UHF TV transmitters, with gain is 7dB and can amplify a signal between 470-860 MHz. Drive input the circuit with 1 to 1,5 Watts signal. Better use double layer PCB with the second layer connected to earth.
Use a stabilized power supply 24 volts and at least 5 Amps. The transistor case is the SOT-122A and be careful because the transistor is very toxic for your health. Tuning of this tv rf amplifier can be achieved turning the two variable capacitors. Do not forget to use heat sink for both transistors, specially for the BLW98 and it would be better if you place a small fan as well.
For more details for constructing this tv rf amplifier, please download datasheet
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