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Friday, May 23, 2008

Audio Video RF Modulator With LM2889

The LM2889 is designed to interface audio video RF modulator signals to the antenna terminals of a TV receiver. It consists of a sound sub carrier oscillator and FM modulator, video clamp, and RF oscillators and modulators for two low-VHF channels.
Audio Video RF Modulator with LM2889 allows video information from VTRs, video disk systems, games, test equipment, or similar sources to be displayed on black and white or color TV receivers.
Features :
  • Pin for pin compatible with LM1889 RF section
  • Low distortion FM sound modulator (less than 1% THD)
  • Video clamp for AC-coupled video
  • Low sound oscillator harmonic levels
  • 10V to 16V supply operation
  • DC channel switching
  • Excellent oscillator stability
  • Low inter modulation products
For the detail about this audio video RF modulator, please follow this link for datasheet.
Application Note

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