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Friday, May 23, 2008

Making Simple TV transmitter

(1) Soundless version, You are familiar with the most simplest FM transmitter" that I designed (left). Let's try to transform it into a TV transmitter. Just change the input from the audio to the video (video camera or VCR) and check the signal at your television set: in Europe, for instance, choose the channel 2 - 4 and turn the trimmer cap of the transmitter. You will find some images or might watch a clear image. This suggests that it will be not so difficult to build a TV transmitter.

(2) Advanced Version (AV) , When you succeed in this version to work, you may try the advanced version (pdf). ( )
In this version, stability and quality are improved. This can have even the audio too. However, in order to complete this, you have to use a proper frequency counter.

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