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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simple DC to AC Inverter

This DC to AC inverter circuit work based on unstable multi vibrator does. In this circuit, IC CD4047 is chosen as a heart of unstable multi vibrator, because this IC type gives a complementary output that has opposite phase to another ( pin 10 and 11 as seen in Figure 1), and has 50 % duty cycle that satisfy to generate a pulse for inverter.

In order to increase the current out of multi
vibrator so enough to generate a higher AC power too, then we must use MOSFET IRFZ44. IRFZ44 gives out high current to drive a step-up transformer, so AC power is available at the high voltage side of transformer.
This circuit is called as simple DC to AC inverter because of the output haven't a sinusoidal signal

yet, so there are many harmonic signal at the output. To suppress this signal we must use a filter such as a capacitor C. Because of this simplicity this circuit is suitable only for lighting demand. To build a sinusoidal DC to AC inverter, we can use a PWM signal for driving a step-up transformer, such as at page of DC to AC inverter using AT89C2051.

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