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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

VHF Video Transmitter 60-200 MHz

Here's a simple video transmitter for VHF TV channel will accept baseband video input, hence it can be driven by most CCD cameras and VCR video outputs. It ouputs roughly 80mW and when used with a 40cm telescopic antenna over 100 metres range is possible.
The transistor of the video transmitter can be a BC108, BC546, BC337 or a 2N2222. L1 is wound on a 10 mm air former. Use 6 turns 24 SWG for frequency 60-80 MHz, 4 turns for 150-180 MHz, and 2 turns for 180-200 MHz

You can use this with a monochrome or color video signal. To transmit sound just build the wide band FM transmitter and tune it to the audio channel.

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