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Thursday, July 31, 2008

FM Radio Antenna Amplifier

Active FM-Amplifier:

With only a small handful of parts you can built this trusty FM Amplifier. It works with only 1 UHF/VHF type transistor, MFE201. This amplifier will pull in all distant FM stations clearly. The circuit is configured as a common-emitter tuned RF pre-amplifier wired around VHF/UHF transistor MFE201. There are a couple other models that probably would work too, like the NTE107, 2SC2570, etc. but I have not tried it.

Adjust capacitor trimmers C1 and C2 for maximum gain. Input coil L1 consists of 4 turns of 20SWG enameled copper wire over a 5mm diameter former. It is tapped at the first turn from ground lead side. Coil L2 is similar to L1, but has onlythree turns. Pin configuration is shown in the diagram.

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