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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

25 Watt Power Amplifier using TDA2009


Here is the circuit diagram of a 25 W power amplifier made of TDA 2009 IC.TDA 2009 has two channels each rating 12.5 watts on 4 Ohm load.Here the two channels are bridged to get a single out put channel weighting 25 W.

TDA 2009 IC has also built in features such as short circuit protection,thermal protection, overload protection etc using very low external components.The most interesting factor I see about this IC is that it require no dual supply.

Circuit Diagram of Amplifier and Power Supply


  • Do not connect more than 24 V to TDA 2009.
  • If 5 ampere bridge is not available make one using four 5 A diodes.
  • Fit a proper size heat sink to TDA 2009
  • Do not operate the circuit without heat sink.
  • For volume control connect a 10K pot
  • All capacitors in this circuit must be rated above 25 V.
  • Capacitors with + mark are electrolytic and that lead will be positive.Other capacitors will be normally ceramic.If there is exception that will be given there in the circuit or parts list.This law applies to all circuits in this site.

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