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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

5V/1A Power Supply


Tendency of entry: 220V AC
Tendency of expense: 5V DC
Current of expense: 1A

C1 ----1000mF/16V electrolytic
C2, C4 ----100nF polyester
C3 ----100mF/16V electrolytic
d1-4 ----4 x 1N4004 or bridge of passages 50V - 1A
U1 ----LM7805
T1 ----Transformer of catering 220V/9V - 1A

Changing the prices of certain elements we can have different tendency of expense:

U1 ----- T1 ----- --- C1 --------- C3 -------- Tendency of expense

LM7805 220V/9V - 1A 1000mF/16V 100mF/16V 5V
LM7806 220V/9V - 1A 1000mF/16V 100mF/16V 6V
LM7809 220V/12V - 1A 1000mF/25V 100mF/16V 9V
LM7812 220V/15V - 1A 2200mF/25V 100mF/16V 12V
LM7815 220V/18V - 1A 2200mF/35V 100mF/25V 15V
LM7818 220V/24V - 1A 2200mF/35V 100mF/25V 18V
LM7824 220V/30V - 1A 2200mF/40V 100mF/35V 24V

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